Flexible & Diverse

The Human Biology major gives you the opportunity to examine various areas within the field, while also exploring other academic disciplines. You take upper-level courses that shape your degree to your own specific interests.

HUBI core course sequences

Whether pursuing the B.A. or B.S., all Human Biology majors complete the HUBI core course sequence. These core courses must be taken in sequence and cannot be taken concurrently.

The lower level courses are large classes co-taught by faculty in two fields, pairing instructors from the life sciences with instructors from the social sciences or humanities. This arrangement integrates materials from other courses into the HUBI curriculum, and meets the Human Biology Program learning goals. These courses are broad inquiries into a topic relevant to human biology, explored from an interdisciplinary perspective.

You also take a minimum of nine upper-level credit hours from within your chosen Human Biology areas of concentration. The areas of concentration course lists give you an idea of your options.

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