Pre-professional career preparation

Many Human Biology students plan to eventually enter Medical School. Others want another career in public health, or in some other aspect of science that improves our world. Research, whether in the lab or the library, is a goal for others.

Some Human Biology students loved science classes in high school, but aren’t sure yet where their career path will take them. Many wish to enrich their science learning with courses from the humanities, delving more deeply into various social and scientific problems.

The Human Biology degree has been designed with all of these students in mind. The Learning Goals of the program help you develop and deepen your skills no matter which profession you enter after graduation.

Human Biology allows you to:

  • Explore the connections and parallels between various fields concerned with human health and welfare
  • Evaluate public policy issues that influence human health
  • Plan a roadmap of course work designed to help you focus on an area of interest within the field
  • Pursue scientific training while exploring the context in which your future career has an impact on other fields of study