Student Experience

I had never considered becoming a UTA, but the holistic approach in HUBI sparked my interest. Having thoroughly enjoyed the course, I decided to become a UTA for B200.

The semester I was available, the topic was ‘Obesity and Famine.’ Learning alongside the other students gave me an advantage in understanding issues they were having with assignments and exam prep. Learning about an entirely new topic while helping other students in a course that I loved was a very rewarding experience.

In fact, I loved it so much that I reapplied and am now a UTA for the ‘Issues of Human Evolution’ topic. I had never considered a career in teaching, but this experience inspired me to pursue a dual Master’s degree so that teaching could be a possibility in the future.

Overall, my experience with the HUBI UTA program has been a great addition to my undergraduate career. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.