Sample Curriculum

Sample curriculum schedule for Human Biology B.S.

Freshman Year:

  • Anth B200 (spring)
  • HPSC X102 or X200 (fall or spring)
  • BIOL L112 (fall or spring)
  • Statistics (fall or spring)

Sophomore Year:

  • HUBI 200 (Fall)
  • ANAT A215 or PHSL P215 or ANAT A480 (fall and spring)
  • PSY P101 or P155 or BIOL L222 or BIOL L350 (spring)
  • Chem C117 (Spring)
  • BIOL 211 (Spring)

Junior Year:

  • 2 AOC courses (Fall or Spring)
  • HUBI 300 (Spring)
  • 2 from PSY P346 (Neuroscience) or BIOL L311 (Genetics), or ANTH B370 (Human Variation) or HPER N231 (Human Nutrition) (Fall and Spring)
  • Ethics course (Fall)

Senior Year:

  • 2 AOC courses (Fall and Spring)
  • HUBI 400 (Spring)

Note: These are sample curricula only, students should consult with HUBI staff to optimize their schedule. Students should be aware that many of these courses are also offered during the summer.